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DTF: Doing The Fringe

A podcast about putting on theatre, by people who put on theatre.

In this series we’ll chat with the people who work behind the scenes to make this all happen. We’ll speak with reviewers, people in charge of running venues, we’ll look at the marketing side of things, as well as speaking with actors, writers, and directors who are taking work to the Fringe.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes over the city throughout the month of August. Actors, comedians, clowns, acrobats, writers, producers, directors, singers, dancers from all over the world, descend on the city bringing fresh new work to the largest arts festival in the world. There are over three hundred venues, over three and a half thousand shows and over 55,000 performances.

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1. Pollyanna Esse - 20 Minutes of Action 

'20 Minutes of Action' is a piece of verbatim theatre from Pollyanna Esse. Verbatim theatre gives the real words of real people to actors to perform. '20 Minutes of Action' scrutinises one of the most pertinent conversations of our time: women's safety. Using the exact words of the victim, the perpetrator and their families, '20 Minutes of Action' guides you through one of the most controversial sexual assault cases in recent American history.

This episode discusses sexual assault. 

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2. Anthony Alderson - Director of The Pleasance

Anthony Alderson is the Director of The Pleasance, both in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe. In this podcast, we chat about the support that The Pleasance offers to emerging artists, the impact the fringe has on the arts, and the city of Edinburgh, and how performance is an important part of our society.

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3. Fergus Morgan - Theatre Critic

Fergus Morgan is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in outlets like What's On Stage, Time Out, The Stage, Vice and The Independent. In this episode we chat about the realities of working at the Fringe, the issues with ‘social hiring’ and the issues facing arts journalism today.

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4. Julian Spooner - Rhum + Clay

Julian Spooner is one of the founders and co-Artistic Directors of Rhum + Clay, a theatre company born out of Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. The Lecoq focus on physical theatre, the body and mime remain a key device in Rhum + Clay’s work. Other graduates from Lecoq include Steven Berkoff and Complicité’s Simon McBurney. In this episode, we discus how 'play' influences the creative process and the influence of the Edinburgh Fringe on Rhum + Clay as a theatre company.

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5. Hazel Anderson - Street Performer / 'Likely Story' Co-Director

Hazel Anderson is a performer who doesn’t limit herself to one style of performance. She works as a street performer named Able Mable, and she is also Co-Director of ‘Likely Story’ who focus on making stories come alive with magic, for communities who might not otherwise see professional work. ‘Likely Story’ often focuses on making work for younger audiences by reworking and putting their own spin on classic fairy tales.

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6. Lauren-Nicole Mayes - Writer / Performer of Dear Little Loz

Lauren-Nicole Mayes is a Blackpool born and bred actress currently living in Manchester. Lauren is taking her one woman play ‘Dear Little Loz’ to the Edinburgh Fringe. The play started life as a monologue for Burn Bright, before being developed into a one act play. Dear Little Loz explores love, and the price we are willing to pay for it, it is a poetic exploration of love – love for the scabby boys in Blackpool, dodgy dates with Dave and the desperate need for a daddy-daughter connection.

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