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Terrence the T-Rex

About the Show

All Terrence wants is to "make it" as a dinosaur entertainer, land a Netflix deal, and get his ex back. The world, however, has other plans. He’s stuck in a messy cycle of rejection, failure, and being laughed at for his handmade (and to scale) T-Rex costume. When Tri-Sarah-Tops comes along, Terrence begins to question everything that he thought was important to him. This ‘funny, sweet anti-romcom’ (**** is like a ‘fun BBC sitcom waiting to be picked up' (Scotsman).

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Cast and Creative Team

Writer - Alex Zawalnyski

Director - Laura Hounsell

Terrence - Alex Zawalnyski

Sarah - Morgan Ferguson

BSL Interpreter - Kitty Taylor-Brown

Graphic Designer - Matt Price

Additional Voices - MacNeill Family

Production Manger - Giulia Pizziol

Tech Manger - Jacob Henney

Photography - Darius Eastwood



'Absolutely adored @AproposTheatre ’s Terrence The T-Rex today! Incredibly sweet deconstruction of rom-com tropes against the background of some truly phenomenal dinosaur puns! Cannot recommend enough'

'Some brilliant laughs at #TerrenceTheTrex from @AproposTheatre today. A kind of comedy anti rom-com with a dino theme. Great way to end my trip!'



'Terrence the T-Rex is great fringe show, taking some very simple elements and a straightforward (if rather off the wall) story and cleverly crafting an hour of gentle comedy around them. It’s clearly written and performed with care, making it a great watch.'

The Scotsman

'The niche world of dinosaur impersonators is revealed, like a fun BBC sitcom waiting to picked up, in Alex Zawalnyski and Clara Wessely’s surreal, funny and quintessentially Fringe show.' 

The Wee Review - ★★★★

'a funny, sweet anti-romcom with a winning pair of performers. This is the kind of surprise find the Fringe is all about.'

Performance Info

2022 Cast and Crew

Writer - Alex Zawalnyski

Director - Harry Goodwin

Terrence - Alex Zawalnyski

Sarah - Clara Wessely

BSL Interpreter - Kitty Taylor-Brown

Graphic Designer - Matt Price

Additional Voices - Laura Hounsell, Leo MacNeill, Luke Malone and Gordon Stackhouse.

Tech - Giulia Pizziol

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